Donated Wish List Items

The generosity of our donors extends to helping support the Center in acquiring or updating essential medical equipment. Many thanks to our supporters who funded the following needs.

Phovia Lamp System
Phovia is a novel way to manipulate the function of cells within the dermis and epidermis, to reduce inflammation but still accelerate regeneration. It is a two-part system, comprised of an LED lamp and a chromophore gel; used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. This has been clinically proven to help heal wounds heal more quickly and with less intervention. The veterinary team at the Center treats many wounds on many different species of wild animals; this system would allow the team to help speed wound healing. Pledged by a donor for December 2023. 

Radiology PPE
Seven days a week, several times a day, the Center's veterinary team takes radiographs (x-rays) of incoming and recovering patients. When taking radiographs, staff and students wear lead aprons, thyroid shields, and gloves for protection. The Center needs to replace our old lead-lined personal protective equipment and would like to purchase newer disinfectable items. Thanks to a generous supporter, these were purchased September 2023 in honor of Randy Huwa's birthday! 

Welch Allyn Panoptic Ophthalmoscope 
This tool is used for performing eye examinations on a wide variety of wildlife patients in our hospital. The scope has a 20x larger field of view than our traditional ophthalmoscope and is easier to use, making eye exams more efficient and easier for teaching. Thanks to a generous supporter, the scope was purchased in June 2023 in honor of Ed Clark's birthday! 

Walkie talkies
Walkie-talkies are essential for communication between staff, students, and volunteers as dozens of people work together to care for wildlife throughout the Wildlife Center's property. They're also essential in an emergency! In January 2023, the Wildlife Center staff went through a hands-on emergency exercise that gave the staff real practice on how to manage an incident and evacuation. In the two-hour exercise, staff experienced a mock chain of events and went through the steps to evacuate all education ambassadors and most of the Center's patients. One thing the staff learned is that we need more walkie-talkies so that all admin and outreach staff have their own device and can communicate critical updates in an emergency scenario. In May 2023, the Center was able to purchase four more sets (of two) thanks to a donation in memory of CE (Ed) Lewis. 

Polaris Snow Blade
This snow blade for the Polaris utility vehicle (generously funded by Wildlife Center donors at the 2021 Gala Auction) helps the Center staff keep the paths clear to our patient and ambassador animal enclosures. Thanks to our generous supporters who allowed us to purchase this addition in the winter of 2022!

As part of the 2021 Gala, the Center put out a request for funds for a new electric Polaris ATV—a real workhorse.  From August through April, the Center’s bear-care team loads up the Polaris for daily food deliveries to the Bear Yards—sometimes up to 200 pounds of food a day.  At other times, the Polaris is used to transport crates, hay, food, patients, and supplies across our multi-acre campus. 
With the generous help of Gala supporters, we raised the funds we needed for a new Polaris. 

A fluoroscope provides a real-time moving x-ray that can be watched on a monitor.  This helps guide the doctor’s hand when placing pins and evaluating the position of bones during complicated orthopedic surgery, helping to locate, remove, and retrieve foreign material [such as fishhooks], etc. Currently, Center staff must take a patient out of the surgical suite and across the hall to take radiographs.  WITH a fluoroscope, surgeons could do radiographs while the patient is still in surgery – evaluating progress, providing timely feedback and guidance to the surgical team, and decreasing time under anesthesia.

While the cost of a new fluoroscope is as much as $50,000, Dr. Karra is looking for a refurbished model that will serve the Center’s needs.  The expected price tag of a newer refurbished model would be roughly $12,000.  Through the support of generous friends, the Center raised $12,000 for the purchase of this life-saving equipment in 2021.  Thank you!