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The Wildlife Center has a variety of online educational and distance-learning opportunities for participants of all ages.

Staff member conducting online program with an owl

All of the Wildlife Center’s educational programming promotes positive attitudes toward wildlife and emphasizes how the personal choices we make affect the health of the environment. Online offerings include:

Visit the Events page to view upcoming free “open to the public” programs, including our monthly Hospital Cam and other special live-streaming events.

You may also schedule a private online program with one of our outreach staff or explore our additional online resources through online lesson plans and more.

Online Educational Programs

The Wildlife Center offers a range of online programs ideal for classrooms, clubs, or civic groups.  Learn about the inner workings of a wildlife hospital, meet one of the Center's non-releasable education ambassadors up close, or take a tour of our facilities. All programs include time for personalized discussion and question-and-answer sessions tailored toward your group. Choose one – or more! – of the following programs for your group. 

Scroll down to view the range of offerings, and to find buttons linking to online program request forms. 

Meet a Wildlife Ambassador

Length: 30 minutes
Age: First grade through adult
Cost: $40


The Center’s corps of non-releasable education ambassadors all have a story to share about wildlife and the environment. In this 30-minute program, meet one of the ambassadors, getting a much closer experience than you ever could in person. Highly customizable to your group's needs, the up-close ambassador program is a perfect chance to learn more about an individual education ambassador and species. Request a raptor, opossum, turtle, or snake, or let us choose for you!

Education Ambassador Tour

Length: 45 minutes
Age: First grade through adult
Cost: $60


Can’t choose just one education ambassador to meet? See the raptors and opossums in this behind-the-scenes outdoor tour. An outreach staff member will virtually guide you through the outdoor education ambassador areas, where you’ll meet opossums, owls, hawks, falcons, and an eagle in their custom-built enclosures. Highly customizable to your group's needs, the ambassador tour is a perfect chance to see and learn more about a variety of species.

Wildlife Hospital Tour

Length: 30 minutes
Age: 5th grade through adult
Cost: $60


See the inner workings of a wildlife hospital in this very special behind-the-scenes tour. An outreach staff member will virtually walk you through the Center’s laboratory area, treatment room, surgery suite, and animal kitchen while discussing just what happens in a wildlife hospital – at work! Participants will likely see our veterinarians, technicians, rehabilitators, and students in action.

Wildlife Center of Virginia Presentation

Length: 45-60 minutes
Age: Adult
Cost: $50


Learn more about the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s history, mission, and daily work as a teaching hospital in this interactive PowerPoint presentation and discussion. This presentation is ideal for adult groups and can highlight particular areas of the Center’s work, based on your group’s interest and background.

Groups are welcome to utilize their own online platform and share a speaker link with Wildlife Center staff upon booking. Outreach staff can also host your online program on the Center’s Zoom account. Programs may be recorded for those in the group who are unable to attend the live session.

Cam in the Classroom

These interactive, text-based sessions take place on the Wildlife Centers Critter Cam moderated discussion page.

Length: Up to 30 minutes
Age: First-grade through adult
Cost: Free!


During a Cam in the Classroom session, the scheduled class is the only active participant for a question-and-answer session with a Wildlife Center staff member. Teachers may submit questions ahead of time or may ask the questions “live” during the session. Ask questions about what you see on Critter Cam, or about a particular biology or ecology topic the class is learning!

Screen shot of critter cam page with moderated discussion box

Please note: Teachers and classes do not need to schedule a session to participate in the moderated discussion! Classrooms are always welcome to submit questions on the discussion when moderators are present – we suggest that you identify your class by the teacher’s or school’s name (E.g., “Mrs. Matheson’s 4th-grade class” or “6th Grade students at Copeland Middle School, NJ”).

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On-Demand "All About Wildlife" Classes

These on-demand courses are designed for use in the classroom, specifically for grades 3-7. Each course has an in-depth focus on a particular group of wildlife native to Virginia and includes information on the physical and behavioral adaptations of those species, their habitat requirements, and ecological threats to wildlife. Each course has a variety of learning elements, including videos, PowerPoint lectures, printable worksheets, activities, and additional resources to give teachers and students a well-rounded educational experience. Course content is designed to complement and enhance the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Purchase through Wildlife Care Academy

Sample "All About Wildlife" Course Introduction

Streaming Public Programs

Each month, the Wildlife Center offers live-streamed educational programming free of charge on our website and Facebook page.

These live programs include our monthly Hospital Cam sessions, in which cameras in the clinic observe patients being treated. Live narration is provided by Center staff, as they describe and explain the species and the procedures on view.

The Center also offers live-streamed discussions with wildlife professionals and experts, typically centered on some seasonally appropriate wildlife theme. These programs take place periodically throughout the year.

All upcoming live-streamed programs are listed on the Center's Events page.

In addition, each day our Critter Cams page features live views of the enclosures of Ambassador Animals and wild patients, including raptor pens and the ever-popular bear cubs currently in our care. The Critter Cams page also features a Moderated Discussion module where Center staff and critter fans discuss the lives of the animals on the cams. 

Red tailed hawk being held by clinic worker. Hospital cam frame around image
Streamed program capture - two people discussing world turtle day