Virginia Science Standards of Learning

The Wildlife Center of Virginia can often integrate specific educational themes, topics, and ideas into the content of our programs, which are designed to complement and enhance the Science Standards of Learning at each grade level.

Teachers and educators interested in scheduling a program with the Wildlife Center of Virginia may find the following examples of educational themes and correlating Science Standards of Learning useful during the planning process.

Off-site Programs

Assembly-style and Classroom-level Presentations

Litter Awareness, Pollution

  • Science: K.6.a,b; K.10.a,b; 1.5.b,c; 1.8.c; 2.5.a,b; 3.4.a,b; 3.5.b,c; 3.10.b,d; 4.5.a,f; 4.8.b,d; 5.7.f; 6.9.a,c
  • Biology: BIO.8.d
  • Life Science: LS.4.a,b,c; LS.5.c; LS.8.a,b; LS.9.b,c; LS.10.c; LS.11.a,c

Food Chains, Biodiversity

  • Science: K.6.a,b; 1.5.a,b,c; 2.5.a; 3.4.a,b; 3.5.a,b,c; 3.6.b; 3.8.b; 3.10.a; 4.5.a,b,c,e,f; 4.8.b; 6.9.c
  • Biology: BIO.8.d
  • Life Science: LS.4.b; LS.5.c; LS.7.b,c,d; LS.9.a; LS.11.c

Habitats, Ecosystems

  • Science: K.6.a,b; K.9.a; 1.5.a,b,c; 1.8.a,c; 2.5.a,b; 3.4.a,b; 3.5.b,c; 3.6.b; 3.9.c; 3.10.a,b,d; 4.5.a,b,d,f; 4.8.b,d; 5.7.f; 6.9.a,c
  • Biology: BIO.8.b,d
  • Life Science: LS.4.b,c; LS.5.c; LS.7.c; LS.9.e; LS.11.c

Physical Adaptation, Behavioral Adaptation, Native Virginia Wildlife

  • Science: K.6.a,b; 1.5.b,c; 1.7.b; 2.5.a; 2.7.a; 3.4.a,b; 3.5.b,c; 4.5.a,d,f; 4.8.b,d
  • Biology: BIO.8.b,d
  • Life Science: LS.5.c; LS.8.a; LS.10.c

On-site Programs

Wildlife Center of Virginia Tour

  • Science: K.6.a,b; K.9.a,b,c; 1.5.a,b,c; 2.5.a; 3.4.a,b; 3.5.b; 4.8.b

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