Wildlife Care Academy

Education programs in the fields of wildlife medicine, rehabilitation, and conservation education

Features online, self-paced, education modules for continuing education credit.

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The Wildlife Care Academy helps professionals or prospective professionals expand their knowledge and grow their role in the conservation of wildlife. Academy content is offered in a variety of subjects, including wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife medicine, outreach and communications, education, administration, and more.

WCA offers a selection of on-demand courses that participants can take at their own pace, and live webinars on a variety of specialty topics. The Academy allows for an engaging learning experience with a qualified staff instructor while in the comfort of your home.

Whether you are a wildlife professional at an organization, a dedicated at-home permitted wildlife rehabilitator, or a wildlife enthusiast who wants to learn more about your wild neighbors, the Academy has something for you. Explore what’s available now!

Sample Content from WCA

New to the field of wildlife care? This free 25-minute orientation, a sample of the webinar content available through the Wildlife Care Academy, will introduce you to what it means and what it takes to be a wildlife rehabilitator.

Conservation of the American Bald Eagle

Join Wildlife Center President and Co-founder, Ed Clark, for this recorded webinar as he discusses the historic and modern threats and conservation efforts affecting the American Bald Eagle. This special species is one of conservation's greatest success stories. But eagles face persisting and new challenges in our modern landscape.

All rehabilitation classes and workshops offered by The Wildlife Center, including online Wildlife Care Academy courses and webinars, meet the educational requirements of The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources for obtaining and renewing wildlife rehabilitation permits.