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Veterinary staff working with patient dataWildlife veterinarians and rehabilitators have a unique “window” on the health of native wildlife—and that perspective can provide valuable insight into the health of the environment as a whole. Those ideas provide the rationale behind the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s development of WILD-ONe.

In the early 2000s, the Wildlife Center collaborated with the U.S. Department of Defense on a project to monitor deadly pathogens in wildlife as an early warning system for possible terrorist bioweapon attack. Out of that project grew a full-fledged information system for patient management, tracking, and research that became known as the Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network–WILD-ONe.

The purposes of WILD-ONe are twofold:

  • to assist wildlife caregivers in managing and making best use of the massive amount of patient information they collect, and
  • to provide conservation researchers with valuable, standardized incident and outcome data on sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife for use in scientific studies and conservation policymaking.

WILD-ONe is a user-friendly online system for patient management and data analysis that is being used by over 150 veterinary clinics and rehabilitation centers across the country. It reduces time spent on paperwork and allows for accurate record keeping and report generation. The platform enables wildlife rehabilitators to contribute to a comprehensive global rehabilitation dataset created to assess trends in wildlife health.

Here are recent stories about the use of WILD-ONe data sets for conservation research:

We encourage any organization interested in starting to work with WILD-ONe to take a tour and get a sense of how it works:

If you are interested in joining, go to the WILD-ONe launch page and follow the easy steps to register your organization or join as a member of an existing organization.

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