Red Fox #23-3911: February 7, 2024 Update

Red Fox #23-3911 has made a full recovery since his last update! The veterinary team administered the final doses of antiparasitic medications on January 27, noting that the condition of the fur had been continually improving during treatments. On February 2, the alopecia and other mange-related symptoms had been completely resolved – his fur was thick, clean, and in good condition, and his skin was healthy and wound-free. Zero parasitic mites were found on a skin scrape analyzed by the Center’s veterinary technicians that same day, and Red Fox #23-3911 was officially cleared for release.

On February 4, Veterinary Technician Intern Jenn Dunsheath and Front Desk Coordinator Lilly Farmer transported the fox back to his original site of rescue in Henrico County, but they weren’t alone! Several members of the local community – who were involved with the fox’s rescue and had been staying updated on his recovery throughout treatment – gathered to witness Red Fox #23-3911’s successful return to the wild. Jenn created a short video compilation of the release using footage collected from several vantage points:

As Lisa Ligon, the private citizen who initially rescued the fox, shared with Center staff after the release: "We were so full of joy to see this beautiful creature run into the woods, back to his home."