Eastern American Toad #23-3756

October 29, 2023
Rescue Location
Augusta County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
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On October 28, a local resident discovered an Eastern American Toad on her porch with bleeding lacerations on its back. The resident contained the toad, rinsed its wounds with distilled water, and made sure to keep it moist overnight. The next day, they brought the toad to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Dr. Emma, a veterinary intern at the Center, performed the intake exam for the toad and found several open wounds on its back. The rest of the exam was otherwise normal. Dr. Emma and her team administered antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to prevent infection and inflammation.

The next day, the veterinary team anesthetized the toad and surgically closed the wounds with absorbable sutures. Throughout the surgery, they monitored the toad’s heart rate using a Doppler machine and also monitored its respiration. The toad maintained a consistent heart and respiratory rate throughout the surgery and recovered uneventfully from anesthesia.


During the past week, veterinary staff reported that the incisions are healing well. This toad is currently receiving antibiotics to treat its wounds as well as daily monitoring. If it fully recovers from its injuries, it will need to overwinter at the Center until spring, when conditions are warm enough for release. In the meantime, it will continue to receive misting multiple times a day and daily feedings of mealworms.

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