Black Bear cubs #13-0874, 13-0875, and 13-0876

May 13, 2013
April 23, 2014
Rescue Location
Augusta County, Virginia
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On Saturday, May 11, a homeowner in Augusta County called the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries when a Black Bear sow was found dead near a road – and her three young cubs were spotted in a nearby tree. The sow was likely hit by a vehicle. The DGIF officer collected the young bears and brought them to the Wildlife Center on May 13.

Each young bear – all females – received a complete physical examination, radiographs, and blood work from the veterinary team. Dr. Dana, Tedesco, the Center’s veterinary intern, noted that Black Bear #13-0874 has a healing fracture of the right humerus that appeared to be about two weeks old. The cub weighs 3.35 kg. Black Bear #13-0876, weighing in at 3.68 kgs, has a broken tooth. No significant findings were noted for Black Bear #13-0875, which is the smallest of the three, weighing in at 2.22 kg.

The three sisters will be set-up in the Center’s holding room until a fecal examination can be performed to determine if treatment for parasites is needed. The rehabilitation staff will offer formula two-to-three times a day, as well as a mush bowl. Once the bears are eating well and have received clearance from the veterinary team, the bears will be set-up in an outdoor space. This likely will not be with the other eight bear cubs currently residing at the Center, due to space.

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