Black Bear cub #21-1097 [Yellow Tag]

May 10, 2021
April 20, 2022
Rescue Location
Botetourt County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Separated from mother
Former Patient
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On May 10, the Wildlife Center admitted another Black Bear cub — the fourth cub to join the "cubs of 2021"! This small bear was found alone in Botetourt County; rescuers saw the cub on its own for three days, with no sign of the sow. A retired Conservation Police Officer came to retrieve the cub and took it to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke; the cub was given fluids before he was sent to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Dr. Jenn, one of the Center’s veterinary interns, examined the male cub when he arrived. The bear was thin and slightly dehydrated, though was otherwise healthy. The cub weighed 1.71 kg, currently the smallest of the four cubs at the Center.

The bear was placed in a crate in the Center’s surgery room for the night, just to keep the bear quiet and alone for a short period of observation while the veterinary team waits for bloodwork and fecal results. The cub will be fed a specialized bear formula three times a day.

Your donation will help provide specialized care to this young Black Bear cub … and more than 3,500 other wild animals in need that the Center will admit this year.

Patient Updates

The remaining three Black Bears of 2021 were picked up for release on April 20!

On the afternoon of April 19, wildlife rehabilitation supervisor Kelsey baited the DWR bear trap and the entire transition area of the Black Bear Complex with some tasty treats. The bears were very interested and quickly moved into the transition area when the adjoining gate was opened. Black Bear #21-1427 [One Ear] entered the DWR trap and was quickly contained; the other two bears remained in the transition area so that the veterinary team could easily dart and sedate them the following morning.

On Wednesday, April 20, the team was able to successfully sedate all three bears so that each could be examined, weighed, and ear-tagged for release. Bloodwork and skin scrapes were also performed. Final weights:

  • Black Bear #22-0545 [Double Lavender Tags]: 39.0 kg
  • Black Bear #21-1007 [Yellow Tag]: 59.1 kg
  • Black Bear #21-1427 [One Ear]: 52.2 kg

Two DWR biologists arrived to transport and release the bears in two separate locations. Double Lavender and Yellow Tag are being released together in the same remote location. The one-eared bear — who was the last cub to arrive in 2022 — will be released separately.

Later in the afternoon, DWR biologist Katie sent these two photos of the release of Black Bear #21-1427 [One Ear]!

DWR biologist Carl was able to take these photos of Black Bear #21-1007 [Yellow Tag]: