Black Bear cub #16-0410

April 26, 2016
Rescue Location
Cumberland, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Separated from mother
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On the afternoon of April 26, the Wildlife Center received another Black Bear cub; this small cub was found in a private citizen’s yard in Cumberland, Virginia. The cub was left alone in the yard for nearly two days, but there was no sign of the mother bear.

Dr. Helen examined the male cub when he arrived and said the bear was bright and alert. Weighing in at 2.5 kg, the cub was thin and dehydrated, and had many ticks around his eyes and neck. On the morning of April 27, the bear was anesthetized for radiographs and additional blood work; results were within normal limits.

This cub will also be transferred to the Virginia Tech Black Bear Research program to be fostered onto a bear sow. It’s likely that he will leave at the same time as bear cub #16-0389.

Your contribution will help the Center to provide care to this bear cub …and to the 2,500 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals the Center will treat this year.

Patient Updates

On April 28, Black Bear cub #16-0410 was transferred to the Virginia Tech Black Bear Research program so that he could be fostered onto a surrogate sow. The Virginia Tech Black Bear Research Center has offered this opportunity for a number of years; the research center works in conjunction with VDGIF to trap and house several adult female bears during the winter. When pregnant sows are trapped for the program, and the bears give birth during the winter, VDGIF is able to foster orphaned cubs onto a new bear mom. The bear families are then released in May.

While the staff initially thought cub #16-0410 would travel to Blacksburg when cub #16-0389 was ready to go, DGIF Black Bear Project Leader Jaime decided that an earlier transport would be better to maximize the bonding time between the cub and his new mom. Several bear families at Virginia Tech will be released during the week of May 2.

Jaime called the Wildlife Center later in the day to report that the cub introduction went well; the sow quickly picked up cub #16-0410 and took him back to her other cubs.