Black Bear cub #15-0292

April 13, 2015
April 18, 2016
Rescue Location
Albemarle County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Separated from mother
Former Patient
Patient photo

Last Updated

The Wildlife Center of Virginia admitted another Black Bear cub on the morning of April 13. The male cub was found in Albemarle County on April 8; the cub spent time in a tree for two days with no sign of the sow before a homeowner intervened and caught the bear.

Dr. Meghan Feeney, the Center’s veterinary intern, examined the bear shortly after his admission. The cub weighed in at 3.35 kg and was bright, alert, and vocalizing. No injuries were found; the bear was mildly dehydrated.

The bear was placed in a crate across from bear cub #15-0224; this will allow the bears to see and smell one another before an official introduction is made. Cub #15-0292 will be bottle-fed three times a day.

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Your special donation will help provide this young Black Bear cub with special formula and housing. Thanks for your support!