Black Bear cub #14-0350

April 21, 2014
August 4, 2014
Rescue Location
Botetourt County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Found alone
Former Patient
Patient photo

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On April 21, the Wildlife Center admitted another Black Bear cub – the fourth cub admitted in 2014. The cub was found in Botetourt County, Virginia, on April 18. The cub’s rescuer found the bear crying in her yard after it was surrounded by dogs. On April 21, the rescuer took the cub to a permitted rehabilitator in Covington, Virginia, who immediately transported the cub to the Wildlife Center.

Upon admission, Dr. Rich examined the cub. He found the male cub to be in great body condition – the cub weighed in at 8.36 kg. No injuries were found on radiographs or physical examination.

The cub is eating well and successfully drinking thickened formula from a bowl. Because the cub is so large, he will be moved to the Center’s Bear Pens on April 22 and will join cubs #14-0252 and 253, along with surrogate sister #14-0126.

At the Wildlife Center, we treat to release. Your donation will help support the Center’s life-saving work with this young cub … and with thousands of wild animals in need.