Black Bear #16-0354

April 23, 2016
June 16, 2016
Rescue Location
Alleghany County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Former Patient
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On April 23, another thin Black Bear yearling was admitted to the Wildlife Center. The yearling had been spotted in Alleghany County for several days before the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries was contacted; a biologist was able to sedate and capture the bear on April 22 before he transported the bear to the Center the following day.

Dr. Dana, the Center’s veterinary intern, examined the male yearling when he arrived. According to Dr. Dana, the bear was bright, alert, feisty, and charging. The bear was sedated prior the physical exam; Dr. Dana estimated the bear had a body condition score of 1/5, with widespread muscle wasting and a lack of fat stores. The bear weighed 5.945 kg. Blood work revealed a hypoproteinemia (low levels of protein) and anemia.

Dr. Dana also noted some alopecia and crusted skin around both of the bear’s eyes and muzzle. A skin scraping was performed, which was positive for bear mange. A physical exam also revealed some mild crepitus (a grating, crunching sound) at the bear’s left elbow. The bear had been using all four limbs normally upon admission, so additional monitoring will be needed to determine if this is a significant injury. Radiographs were within normal limits.

The bear received subcutaneous fluids and an anti-parasitic, and Dr. Dana placed an orange identification tag in the bear’s left ear. The rehabilitation staff will offer the bear small meals in the next few days, and will gradually increase the size of the meal if the bear is doing well. The bear was placed in Bear Pen 1 and will likely remain there for the next month while he receives three more mange treatments.

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Patient Updates

Black Bear yearling #16-0354 (Orange Tag) has been recovering well so far at the Wildlife Center. The bear is eating all of his food, producing normal feces, and appears to be ambulating normally in the Center’s bear enclosure. The bear received his second dose of ivermectin (anti-parasitic medication) for mange on Saturday, April 30. The bear will receive two more doses before the staff consider moving him to the Bear Complex.