Black Bear #13-0663

May 1, 2013
Rescue Location
Botetourt County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Former Patient
Patient photo

Last Updated

On May 1, the Wildlife Center admitted another Black Bear cub – bringing the current count of bears at the Wildlife Center to 10.

Black Bear cub #13-0663, a male, was confiscated from a family by the local sheriff’s office in Botetourt County. The family found the cub in early April and kept it for a month. A Department of Game & Inland Fisheries Officer transported the cub to the Center.

Dr. Rich examined the feisty and vocal bear cub; the bear is healthy and there were no significant findings. The cub weighs in at 4.3 kgs, making this one of the larger cubs currently in care. The bear will be housed inside for several days until a feeding routine is established. It will then be placed with the other “sloth” of bear cubs.

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