Bald Eaglets #20-1128 and #20-1129

May 20, 2020
August 6, 2020
Rescue Location
Stafford County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Fell from nest
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On May 20, two Bald Eaglets were admitted to the Wildlife Center from Stafford County, Virginia. The two male fledglings were found on the ground; the finders called animal control, who picked up the eaglets and brought them to the Wildlife Center. It’s unknown if the parents were still in the area.

Dr. Karra examined the young birds when they arrived and found that they were both bright, alert, responsive, and feisty. No injuries were found on examination or radiographs, though a blood lead test did reveal that eaglet #20-1128 had subclinical levels of lead in his system [0.034 ppm]. Since no level of lead is safe, the bird began a course of oral chelation therapy.

The following day, the two eagles were moved to a small outdoor enclosure while Bald Eaglet #20-1128 continued treatment. On May 24, the young birds were moved to the enclosed tower area of flight pen A3, so they could watch adult Bald Eagle #20-0172 and start their introduction with the other two young Bald Eaglets housed in that area. Eaglet #20-1128 [sporting lime green wing bumpers] will finish his course of oral chelation therapy on May 25 and will be tested again later in the week. Watch for them on one of the Center’s Critter Cams! 

Your donation will help provide care to these young eaglets … and more than 3,000 other wild animals in need that will be admitted in 2020. Thank you! 

Patient Updates

On August 6, Wildlife Center president Ed Clark released Bald Eaglets #20-1128 and #20-1129 in Stafford County, at the location where they were first rescued earlier this year. The eaglets' rescuers were able to attend the release, along with several reporters.

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Two bald eagles released back into the wild by the Stafford deputy 'Eagle whisperer', WJLA/ABC-7

Bald Eaglets #20-1128 and #20-1129 will be released back to the wild on Thursday, August 6! The two young birds will be returned to their nesting area in Stafford County. The release will not be open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though hopefully the Center will be able to share photos and/or video.

Bald Eaglets #20-1128 and #20-1129 have been doing well in flight pen A2 this summer. The birds have been their stamina and greatly improved their ability to take off, land, and maneuver while in flight. Last week, wildlife rehabilitator Kelsey assessed the birds' flights and determined that the eaglets should be ready for release in early August.

The veterinary team will schedule pre-release examinations and blood work this week to check on the health of the eaglets. If results come back within normal limits, the team will start making release plans for the young birds, which could be released as early as next week. The release will not be open to the public due to public safety with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The eaglets in the A3 flight pen have been doing well during the past months; the birds have become more and more active as they’ve grown. This weekend, the four eaglets will be moved to flight pen A2 so that some repair work can be done on the eagle loft area next week; once the repairs are done, two eagles will be moved back to A3, and two will remain in A2. This will allow the growing birds to utilize more space during regular daily exercise in preparation for their late summer release.