Bald Eaglet #17-1354

June 8, 2017
September 9, 2017
Rescue Location
Chesapeake, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Fledgling bird; parents not around?
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On June 8, a young Bald Eagle was found down on the ground in Chesapeake, Virginia. The eagle reportedly killed and ate a backyard chicken; the homeowner called Nature’s Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation when the eagle was unable to fly away. A volunteer transporter drove the eaglet to the Wildlife Center that same day.

Dr. Ernesto examined the fledgling eagle upon admission and found that the bird was bright and alert, but very thin, with lice and flat flies. Radiographs and blood work were within normal limits.

The eaglet was given fluids and was placed in a crate in the Center’s holding room for additional observation. In the following days, the eaglet ate well and was behaving normally. On Saturday, June 10, the young bird was moved to the raptor tower area of flight pen A3, where it can observe five other eagles [two adults, and three other fledglings]. When the eaglet is at a good weight and is making short flights in the tower, the doors will be opened into the main flight area, and the eaglet will be allowed to fledge and interact with the other eagles.

Your donation will help provide veterinary medical care to this young Bald Eagle during its stay at the hospital.