Bald Eaglet #17-1181 [MN72]

May 28, 2017
August 19, 2017
Rescue Location
Alexandria, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Fell from nest
Former Patient
Patient photo

Last Updated

On May 27, a citizen in Alexandria, Virginia, found a fledgling Bald Eagle down on the ground. The eagle was taken to a local veterinary clinic before it was transported to the Wildlife Center the following day.

Dr. Peach examined the young eagle upon admission; the eaglet was bright and alert, and lying down in its transport crate. There were no significant findings on physical exam, though Dr. Peach noted that the bird was slightly thin, and had many blood feathers growing in. Blood work, including a lead test, was within normal limits. Dr. Peach gave the young eagle fluids before setting it up in a crate in the Center’s holding room.

The bird is younger than the two other Bald Eaglets currently in care; the young eaglet was moved to flight pen A3, but will live in a crate for a few days so that the staff can ensure the eaglet gets its fair share of food. It’s likely that the bird will be moved to the tower within the next few days, where it will have the lofted space to itself, where it can observe the other two eaglets and two adults.

Your donation will help provide care to this growing eaglet — and the 2,500 other patients the Wildlife Center will treat this year.