Bald Eaglet #17-0879

May 11, 2017
September 9, 2017
Rescue Location
Essex County, Virginia
Cause of Admission/Condition
Fell from nest
Former Patient
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On May 10, a private citizen observed a fledgling Bald Eagle on the ground in Essex County. Found at the same location as Bald Eaglet 17-0836, the new eaglet is presumed to be a sibling. The eaglet was initially taken to permitted wildlife rehabilitator Diana O’Connor, and was admitted to the Wildlife Center on May 11.

Dr. Ernesto found the eaglet to be bright, alert, and responsive upon presentation. A physical examination revealed no injuries aside from a thin body condition and minor dehydration. Emergency blood work was performed, and radiographs were taken. No evidence of internal injuries or poisoning were revealed, leading veterinary staff to believe the eaglet had most likely fallen from its nest. Fluids were administered, and the eaglet received a dose of anti-fungal medication. Many young eagles, especially those with weakened immune systems, receive this preventative medication upon admission.

The eaglet is currently being held in the Raptor Tower section of outdoor flight pen A3 along with its sibling, Bald Eaglet 17-0836, where it will receive daily monitoring and care. In this elevated space, both eaglets will be able to observe several adult Bald Eagles in the adjoining flight pen throughout the rehabilitation process.

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Patient Updates

During the past week, Bald Eagles #17-0879 and #17-1354 have been flying well during daily exercise sessions; the rehabilitation team feel that it’s time for release!

The two eagles will be released on Saturday, September 9 at 1:00 p.m. at York River State Park [9801 York River Park Rd., Williamsburg, VA]. The release is free and open to the public; those attending are asked to RSVP to

Bald Eagles #17-0879 and #17-1354 have been flying well in A3 during the past week; they have each been flying an average of 6-11 passes during each exercise session. This week, the eagles will be pushed to 10-15 passes during their daily exercise. The team will continue to monitor the birds’ stamina and lift in the large flight pen.