Welcome to the New Wildlifecenter.org

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is pleased to introduce our new website—an up-to-date educational tool designed to be an enhanced showcase for the work of our teaching and research hospital for native wildlife.

Among the new features you will discover:

  • Larger, more flexible format to showcase animal images, videos, advice, and stories. For example, see our Wildlife Issues pages, or the “If You Find a Baby Animal” page.
  • More user-friendly Critter Cams, which allow easy movement between three live webcam tabs.
  • Ability to filter News stories by topics like “Animal Releases” or “Seasonal Help and Advice.”
  • Ability to filter the Patient stories on our Critter Corner page by species, status, or keyword.
  • Mobile-friendly, easily navigable on all devices. Try it on your phone!

“We are so excited to launch our newly updated website! For the Wildlife Center, the website is a critical part of our mission to ‘teach the world to care about, and care for, wildlife and the environment’. For many years, our website has enabled us to share the stories and lessons learned from the thousands of wild animals that pass through our hospital doors each year. The new site will continue to do just that, but with a fresh, engaging look and a more user-friendly interface!”

—Amanda Nicholson, Senior VP and Interim President

Thanks for visiting! We encourage you to browse and explore the new site, and to share it widely.