Wildlife Center Staff at the NWRA Annual Symposium 2023

Founded in 1982, the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA) serves as a nationwide organization that connects wildlife rehabilitators across the country with one another, helps to establish standards for the care of wild animals, and facilitates the sharing of wildlife science and information.

Each year, hundreds of wildlife rehabilitators, educators, and professionals gather for the NWRA Annual Symposium. This year, Wildlife Center staff are participating in 2023’s Symposium in Wilmington, DE from February 28 through March 4.

This year, in partnership with NWRA, several members of the veterinary staff created a four-hour track on White-tailed Deer rehabilitation. Veterinary director Dr. Karra – who is also an NWRA board member – led two lectures in the track, while wildlife rehabilitator Liz Duffy taught a lecture on deer fawn rehabilitation. LVT Supervisor Jess Ransier taught one lecture in the Center’s deer track before spending her afternoon leading two workshops on blood smear basics. Connor Gillespie, the Center’s Outreach Coordinator, presented an original lecture on public communications in wildlife rehabilitation, drawing on his experiences as a former Front Desk staff member.

Other Center staff members at this year’s Annual Symposium include Senior VP for Outreach and Education Amanda Nicholson, and Wildlife Care Academy Coordinator Kate Schmitt, who represented the Center and the Wildlife Care Academy as an exhibitor, making connections with other wildlife professionals and organizations from across the United States.

Excellence in both wildlife medicine and community engagement is a vital component of wildlife rehabilitation, and the Center is proud to share the successes and contributions of our staff members at the NWRA Annual Symposium this year.

For more information about the NWRA and the Annual Symposium, visit nwrawildlife.org.