Center Staff Reflect on Bald Eagle Release, via Audubon Florida

On September 5, Wildlife Center President Ed Clark released Bald Eagle #23-0710 [K62] back into the wild at the Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia. Those familiar with this eagle’s unique history of rescue and rehabilitation may remember that she was initially treated and released from the Audubon Florida Center for Birds of Prey located in Pasco County, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Linda Vetter

Staff at the Audubon Florida Center for Birds of Prey have covered this eagle’s story since April 20, including an update related to her release in Virginia. Senior Vice President Amanda Nicholson recently spoke with Audubon Florida, providing this testimony on the importance of collaboration between wildlife rehabilitators, researchers, and the public on a national level:

"She [K62] has had quite an adventure in her first year of life! It was amazing to learn about her backstory with the rescue and rehabilitation at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. I think it speaks to how incredible banding and tracking rehabilitated patients can be, and how much of a window that band has given us into this young bird’s life. It always takes a village to help wildlife, and we’re thankful for our colleagues in Florida, all of this bird’s rescuers and transporters, and of course, all of our supporters who help us do what we do every day!"

Read the full article on Audubon Florida’s website. To learn more about bird banding at the Center, click the video below:

To see more news media coverage of this eagle and other Center events, visit the Wildlife Center in the News section of the Press Room webpage.