Celebrating World Photography Day 2023 at the Wildlife Center of Virginia

World Photography Day falls on August 19 each year, a day when people from all walks of life are encouraged to share their world through the lens of a camera and celebrate storytelling through photography.

Almost everyone has the ability to capture high-quality photos at a moment’s notice thanks to the proliferation of smart phones — including many of the staff, students, and volunteers at the Wildlife Center of Virginia! Some of the pictures our staff take throughout the work day are featured in patient updates that are shared on our website; others are included in printed materials that circulate far and wide, such as Annual Reports; often times, photos taken by staff are great content to share through our various social media channels, especially on platforms like Instagram that are photo-centric by design.

Many, many more photographs collected by staff, students, and volunteers are saved and archived for potential projects in the future. One way that we share and circulate these types of photos among ourselves is through an all-staff virtual message thread. Sometimes accompanying details (like what specific patient is in the photo, for example) aren’t available, but each image has a story to tell. In honor of World Photography Day, I wanted to share a small collection of these photos – all of which were taken during the past few months — for your enjoyment!

A nestling Yellow-billed Cuckoo, photographed by Rehabilitation Team Lead Mac.
Another photo taken by Mac – an Eastern Fence Lizard anticipating its release back into the wild!
An intimidating Snapping Turtle, photographed by former Rehabilitation Extern Brooke.
Rehabilitation staff were greeted by this Eastern Screech-owl’s gaze while checking an infrared camera installed within its enclosure.
A very cozy Virginia Opossum, photographed by current Seasonal Veterinary Assistant (and former Front-Desk Coordinator) Lilly Farmer.
Another photo from Lilly – featuring an unusually light-colored Eastern Gray Squirrel.
Seasonal Front Desk Coordinator Kendall had a run-in with a very impressive toad in the Center’s parking lot after closing up for the day.
And finally, my favorite of this small sampling, an expressive pair of young Eastern Screech-owls. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one in particular could turn into a novel.

Smile on three! One, two, three…

Happy World Photography Day!

— Alex Wehrung
Outreach and Education Public Affairs Manager