2023 Year in Review: Randy Huwa, Senior Advisor to the President 

On Saturday morning, October 7, at about 8:30 am, I set out from our house to go to the farmers’ market and to run my weekend errands. I had only driven about a quarter-mile down our small country lane when I spotted a turtle – a Woodland Box Turtle – crossing the road, from right to left. The Wildlife Center had taught me what to do – I got out of the car, gave the turtle a quick inspection [all clear!], and moved it across the road, in the direction in which it was heading. Job well done.

I had only gone another quarter-mile or so when I once again saw something out of the corner of my eye. Was that just a leaf … or another turtle? I carefully backed up, got out of the car. It was another turtle – a pretty small one … and it clearly had been hit by a car.

Once again, I knew what to do. I knew that I could take that turtle to the Wildlife Center, that the Center would be open on a Saturday morning, and that there would be capable and caring wildlife veterinarians, vet techs, and rehabilitators working in a clinic that was well-equipped to handle these kinds of emergencies. I put the turtle in a small box in the back of the car and whisked it over the mountains to the Center.

When I got to the Center, I checked in my turtle – Patient #23-3632. As it turns out, this turtle was one of a dozen patients admitted on that Saturday – pretty close to an average caseload. That day, the Center admitted four Woodland Box Turtles, two Eastern Gray Squirrels, an American Crow, a Barred Owl, an Eastern American Toad, a Red-tailed Hawk, an Eastern Chipmunk, and a Bobolink.

That rescue on October 7 reminded me, once again, of the critical need for the Center. What would I have done if there hadn’t been a Center? How would I have dealt with that injured turtle? And what about that family that found the toad, or the chipmunk, or the Bobolink?

On that Saturday morning, I was grateful for the team that makes the Wildlife Center run, day in and day out. And I was grateful for those financial partners who make possible the life-saving and life-changing work of the Wildlife Center.

I’m grateful again today. Thank you.

– Randy Huwa, Senior Advisor to the President

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