A Day in Photos: Office Manager

We followed Amber Buck, the Wildlife Center’s Office Manager, during a busy spring day in April. This is a photo journal of her day, giving you a glimpse into what it’s like to be the office manager of a non-profit wildlife hospital.

9:13 a.m.

Email time! The first part of Amber’s day is dedicated to checking emails and computer work before tending to other tasks such as meetings, errands, and project coordination.

For Amber, Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days of the week because those are the days she is mainly focused on accounting or preparing payroll. As of now, she does all of this manually, but she recently has found an online system that she hopes will assist in these processes so that she can shift her focus onto other Office Manager duties.

During the middle of the month, she works on closing the previous month’s financials, which takes a few days alone, before having to meet with the Center’s accountant. But overall, Amber’s position is based around managing the day-to-day budget and money flow of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

10:41 a.m.

After finding a good stopping point for her computer work, she had to run a few errands.

Stop #1: Walmart - Kelsey, the Center’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor, needed some extra special treats (ice cream sundae toppings, to be exact) to help trap bears for their release!

Stop #2: Battery Plus – The Center had batteries and light bulbs that needed to be recycled.

Stop #3: Lowes – Amber had to pick up new light bulbs for the Rehab staff’s restroom and some adhesive for a pipe leak.

12:00 p.m.

Amber is a woman of many talents and without having a general maintenance worker on staff, she is always up to the challenge of doing the Center’s handy work.

Once she returned to the Center from her errand run, she quickly changed out the lightbulbs in the treatment clinic’s staff restroom.

1:00 p.m. — 2:30 p.m.

Meeting time! Amber has been vigorously working on getting the Center’s new payroll system set up and that requires a lot of meetings and phone calls with the payroll company to ensure a smooth transition. Most of her meetings are via Zoom or telephone due to COVID-19 restrictions.

2:56 p.m.

As the Office Manager at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, Amber is the main point of contact for projects such as repairs. She makes sure staff will be on-site for these projects and figures out the best times for completion to avoid getting in the way of the veterinary staff or interrupting any other special projects that may be happening.

A repairman was scheduled to fix a ventilation fan in the treatment clinic’s ICU, so she showed him where to go and made sure he had everything he needed before returning to her desk to once again check her emails and continue computer work.

3:30 p.m.

In between all the madness, Amber sneaks time in for some important phone calls!

4:00 p.m.

After the Center’s development associate processes donation checks and puts them into the Center’s donor database, Amber uses her favorite office tool (the Panini, but not like the sandwich) to help her quickly count and finalize the check deposit.

5:01 p.m.

Time to go home, unwind, and prepare for yet another fun and unpredictable day at the Wildlife Center of Virginia!

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