Bald Eagle #22-0261 Release

Bald Eagle #22-0261 was released on Wednesday, May 25 at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia. The release site, situated along the northern shoreline of the James River, was approximately 12 miles from the eagle’s original rescue location.

A crowd of about 50 people gathered to watch Wildlife Center President Ed Clark release the eagle. Officer Drinkwater, the Henrico County Police Officer who initially rescued the bird in March 2022, was also in attendance. Before the release, Ed took a few minutes to talk about Bald Eagles at the Center, their amazing conservation success story, and how to protect them for future generations.

Once everyone was in place, Ed tossed the Bald Eagle into the air. The release attendees watched as the bird flew up and out of sight. Attendees noted that the eagle flew powerfully and strongly — with an "I’m out of here!" attitude, as one spectator described!

Photo by Barb Creel:

Photos by Roberta Sonnino:




Photos by Linda Vetter: