Un-sticking Snakes

On August 28, nine snakes were admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia — at the same time! Eight Northern Ring-necked Snakes and one Eastern Milksnake were admitted together on a single glue trap that had been placed at a home in Nelson County on August 27. In less than 24 hours, the nine snakes became entrapped in the sticky glue. The homeowner immediately brought them to the Wildlife Center when he found them.

Dr. Rich Sim, the Center’s veterinary fellow, and Leigh-Ann Horne, the Center’s veterinary technician, began carefully working on the snake extraction right away. At first Dr. Rich and Leigh-Ann used mineral oil to begin to break the snakes’ contact with the glue. After he started to loosen the snakes, Dr. Rich switched to using Goo Gone, a non-toxic, non-irritating adhesive remover. Within 10 minutes, the team was able to safely free all nine snakes from the glue trap.

The nine snakes were carefully wiped off after the extraction and Dr. Rich gave them a clean bill of health. Since they were discovered quickly and not entrapped for a lengthy period of time, all snakes were cleared for release. Dr. Rich released them at the end of the day back in Nelson County. He reports that the release went well, and all quickly wiggled away!