Join us at Waynesboro Riverfest

Event location
Constitution Park, Waynesboro

Join the Wildlife Center of Virginia at Riverfest, an annual event that takes place alongside the river at Constitution Park in Waynesboro. The Center's animal ambassadors will be featured during a live presentation at 12:30 pm. Come out to meet the ambassadors up close while listening to the stories they have to share!

We'll also be talking about rehabilitating owls at the Riverside Chats tent at 2:30 pm. We'll discuss owl patients at the Center, and we will also discuss two books we're featuring in: Jennifer Ackerman's What An Owl Knows and Christy Gove's Greta the Great Horned Owl.

In addition to the Center’s programs, Riverfest will feature a variety of environmentally-themed activities and demonstrations, including canoe rides, arts & crafts, and more!