Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife rehabilitators are permitted to receive various species.

There are many permitted wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians in Virginia. Use the list below to find a qualified professional in your region, or call the Wildlife Center of Virginia at 540.942.9453 with your location and species of wild animal, and we may be able to refer you to a rehabilitator closer to your location.

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources maintains a statewide online directory of permitted wildlife rehabilitators, listed by county/city.

There are a few other wildlife centers in Virginia, along with several regional associations of wildlife rehabilitators with telephone hotlines. Note that not all numbers are answered immediately; many regional groups of rehabilitators check messages throughout the day and return phone calls once an appropriately permitted rehabilitator has been identified.

Outside of Virginia?

Animal Help Now has contacts and resources for both wildlife emergencies and conflicts throughout the United States.

The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association has resources for most states and provinces throughout the United States and Canada.