Day In Photos: Vice President for Administration

We followed Lacy Kegley, the Wildlife Center's vice president for administration, through one day just after the new year in 2019. This is a photo journal of her day, giving you a glimpse into what it's like to be the vice president of a non-profit wildlife hospital.

Picking up food donation8:30 a.m.
“Twice a week, I stop at the Food Lion in Grottoes (approximately 25 minutes north of the Wildlife Center) to pick up donated produce. The women who coordinate with me – Darlene and Theresa – are wonderful! Today, I picked up six boxes of produce that included greens, corn on the cob, apples, and squash.” (Not all the boxes on this cart were for the Center. The Grottoes Food Lion also donates produce to the Food Pantry.)

9:05 a.m.
“Once I get back to the Center with the produce, I unload the produce near the Animal Kitchen where it can go straight into morning meals for patients. This morning, extern Jonathan helped me. Thanks, Jonathan!”

9:15 a.m.
“I share an office with office administrator Kayla Cline and Vice President Randy Huwa (and sometimes, Wildlife Care Academy Coordinator Maggie McCartney). Kayla, Randy, and I work very closely, so it’s helpful to have us in the same space.

I usually start my day with some “housekeeping” – I check emails and our accounts, and I prioritize for the day. Today, I’m doing something a little unusual and looking back out at our past lunch orders from a local restaurant. One of our generous donors wants to buy lunch for the staff in honor of Bear Parturition Day (aka the bear cubs’ birthday!). My job involves a lot of donor coordination – this is a fun aspect of that!”

Life in the office
Life in the office

Watching the episode together10:13 a.m.
We received an advanced copy of the first episode for the TV series called “Untamed” that the Center is putting together with the WVPT Public Television station. Kayla and I had seen a rough cut in December, but this was Randy’s first time.

10:30 a.m.
During the mini-screening, I was pulled away to consult with front-desk coordinator Marley about a question from a caller. Maggie is typically the manager for front-desk staff and volunteers, but when she’s not around, I step in. I started out as a front-desk coordinator almost 10 years ago – that experience helps me feel comfortable providing guidance to our front-desk staff and volunteer team.

A consult with the vice president

10:37 a.m.
Back to watching the episode! Once we were done, we all had a quick consultation about any changes that will need to be made before it’s deemed “final”.

Working on emails11:29 a.m.
Time to catch up on more emails. Right now, I’m forwarding an email to outreach coordinator Raina. I’m also checking in with director of outreach Amanda about the payment schedule for our new moderated discussion platform and the fees for Critter Cam streaming. These are two bigger items in the outreach budget for 2019.

1:00 p.m.
Time for our staff meeting! The entire staff meets once a month to go over the previous month and to look ahead. It’s a chance for all of the departments to update each other on the status of ongoing projects and to discuss new ones or concerns. We are a busy group, so I look forward to having everyone in one room at the same time. Also – there are snacks!

Meeting time
Meeting snacks

In the drive-thru2:43 p.m.
I’m spending some time this afternoon preparing a deposit of donations to the bank. We always process donations as quickly as possible so that our supporters’ contributions can go to work to help injured wildlife! We've been getting a lot of donations that are specifically ear-marked for repairs to our facilities following the ice storm in November 2018.

3:35 p.m.
Here I am at the bank drive-thru with the deposit.

4:15 p.m.
Once Randy is gone for the day (or if he’s working from home), I typically switch my workstation to where he sits so that I can utilize the standing desk. I enjoy standing while working as much as possible … and I’ve found that it helps prevent the back pain to which I am prone!

Stand up desk

At this point, I was following up on an email thread about an upcoming release for Bald Eagle #18-2865.

4:48 p.m.
For the last part of my day, I worked on sorting through some employee data in preparation for building our 2019 budget. I also spent time editing text for our Caring for Critters packets (heads up – if you’re sponsoring bears soon you’ll be getting fresh text in the packet that Cat sends you!)

5:12 p.m.
Marley consulted me on filling out a patient admission sheet. Making sure we get the correct data entered into our systems is very important for the treatment of incoming patients. Gathering and entering the correct information is also valuable when it comes time to release that patient back to where it came from and, if possible, by the initial rescuer.

5:18 p.m.
Heading out for the night. Time to get home and walk my dogs!

Heading home

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