Tracking Bald Eagle BP28: 2016–2017

Bald Eagle BP28 PortraitBald Eagle #16-1012 [BP28] was an immature female Bald Eagle admitted to the Center in June 2016 after she was found on the ground in Midlothian, Virginia. The young bird had a left wing fracture. After more than three months of treatment and rehabilitation, the bird was released in September 2016 at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia.

The young bird was tracked for about five months after her release until the transmitter failed.


After her September release, BP28 spent time along the James River before moving south to some farmland in Sussex County, VA. She spent time near Waverly, VA for the remainder of the year. The mix of water, farmland, and woods provides a variety of habitats for hunting opportunities. 

Bald Eagle BP28 route in 2016


BP28 spent the early part of the year in Sussex and Surry Counties in Virginia, alternating her time between farmland and forested areas.  In April 2017, the transmitter stopped sending data; there's a chance something may have happened to the eagle, but it's also possible that the transmitter experienced issues.

Bald Eagle BP28 route in 2017