Tracking Bald Eagle BI78: 2015–2016

Bald Eagle BI78 PortraitBald Eagle #15-1312 [BI78] was a hatch-year bird admitted to the Wildlife Center in June 2015 after she was found down on the ground in Northumberland County. After about four months of rehabilitation, the young eagle was released at Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster County.

Center staff were able to track this eagle for a little more than a year before her travel data stopped transmitting.


In the months following her release, BI78 explored the area around Belle Isle State Park, generally remaining within a 20-mile radius of her release location along the Rappahannock River. 

Bald eagle BI78 route in 2015


Eagle BI78 spent the first few months of 2016 exploring the Rappahannock River in Richmond County. She suddenly left the area in late April, flying 66 miles north to Maryland. After spending a couple of weeks near the Hall Creek Natural Resources Management, she flew back to Richmond County, Virginia, where she remained for most of the summer. In late August, BI78 was on the move again, flying north along the Potomac River until she was just west of Washington D.C.  In early September, the young eagle changed course, flying due west to the heart of the Appalachians in Keyser, West Virginia. From there, she continued north into Pennsylvania before settling into an agricultural area near Maddensville, PA in late September.  BI78's transmitted regularly transmitted active data points throughout October, though in early November, the transmitter stopped loading new data. 

Bald eagle BI78 route in 2016