Tracking Bald Eagle BI20: 2016

A mature Bald Eagle is restrained for an examination by someone wearing glovesBald Eagle #16-1474 [BI20] was a mature female Bald Eagle admitted to the Center in July 2016 after she was found on the side of the road in Richmond County. The bird had internal trauma from the collision, and after nearly two months of treatment, the eagle was released at Belle Isle State Park in Lancaster County, Virginia.

The eagle was tracked for two months before the transmitter indicated it was low on battery, and stopped checking in.


After her release at Belle Isle State Park, this eagle lingered in the area for about a week before traveling east toward the Chesapeake Bay. She lingered in the Northern Neck area, exploring the surrounding creeks and flying up the Great Wicomico River. She then traveled east to where the Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay near the town of Ophelia. The eagle stayed in this area until his last check-in on October 14, when the battery was low on charge. 

Bald Eagle BI20 route in 2016