Critter Cams

Critter Cam 1

You are watching one of the Center's education raptor ambassadors, either Maggie the Peregrine Falcon or Buddy the Bald Eagle!

Critter Cam 2

You are watching Bear Cam! This camera is located in the Center's Black Bear Complex, overlooking a half-acre yard where the Black Bear cubs of 2024 are housed. Check out their patient story for all the updates! 

Critter Cam 3

You are watching Cub Cam, featuring the Black Bear cubs of 2024. There are currently seven cubs in care at the Wildlife Center; these bears will be with us until the spring of 2025. 

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The Wildlife Center’s Critter Cams allow wildlife fans to view the daily lives of patients and ambassador animals under our care. From multiple locations inside the hospital and in outdoor enclosures, we provide three live feeds. A moderated discussion allows viewers from around the world to connect with each other and Wildlife Center staff.

Note: To limit inactive connections, the video will automatically pause after 30 minutes. Feel free to restart the Critter Cam as many times as you’d like.

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Your donation will help provide expert care for these current patients and ambassador animals, and approximately 4,000 other patients that the Wildlife Center will help this year.