Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship

Each year, the Wildlife Center offers a one-year advanced training program in wildlife rehabilitation. Through this training program, the intern gains intensive, hands-on training and experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, focusing on animal nutrition, husbandry, feeding techniques, capture and restraint methods, release criteria, captive animal behaviors, and natural history. The intern also learns medical skills from staff veterinarians, including bandaging, medical math, fluid therapy, zoonotic diseases, and other subjects pertinent to wildlife rehabilitation. This opportunity enables the intern to develop leadership, public relations, educational outreach skills.

With the successful completion of the one-year training program, the intern will receive Advanced Certification in wildlife care and rehabilitation from the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

The wildlife rehabilitation internship is an unpaid training position. A monthly stipend for living expenses is offered. The Wildlife Center provides housing at the Center’s student house in Waynesboro.