Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Classes

The Wildlife Center offers a variety of wildlife rehabilitation classes throughout the year. Most classes are taught online; some are taught in-person at locations throughout Virginia and D.C.

Upcoming Online Classes:

No classes scheduled at this time; we will offer some this summer!

How Often Are Classes Offered?

Online classes are offered throughout the year [with the exception of October/November]. Join our email list to receive notifications about upcoming classes!

Who Can Attend These Classes?

The Wildlife Center offers a variety of training classes at various levels for those interested in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.  Some are geared toward anyone who wants to learn about wildlife, while others are for those who will be going through the permitting process.  Beginner and advanced level classes typically have pre-requisites. 

  • Introductory classes are geared to individuals who are interested in learning about helping wildlife as well as learning about the wildlife rehabilitation permitting process. Attendees do not have to have taken any prior classes or have any experience to register for introductory classes. These introductory classes include Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Wildlife Capture, Restraint, Handling & Transportation.
  • Beginner classes are designed for those who will be obtaining their permit or have their apprentice permit and less than two years of rehabilitation experience.  These beginner classes have pre-requisites, which will be advertised on each class posting. Beginner classes include Wildlife Rehabilitation 101, Introduction to Raising Orphaned Mammals, Introduction to Raising Orphaned Birds, and White-tailed Deer Fawn Rehabilitation.
  • Intermediate classes are designed for those who have their apprenticeship permit and at least one year of rehabilitation experience.  Intermediate to advanced classes vary and are taught by Wildlife Center veterinarians. 

Please note that while there is no age-requirement to attend classes, classes are designed for the adult audience.

Continuing Education Credits

All classes and workshops offered by The Wildlife Center, including online classes, help to meet the educational requirements of The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries for obtaining and renewing wildlife rehabilitation permits.

Online Classes

The Wildlife Center’s online classes are taught through Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard requires an updated version of Java. If you are using Blackboard Collaborate for the first time, please visit this link to check your system requirements.  Step 1 will check both your operating system and version of Java.

If you are prompted to update your version of Java, be sure to delete any old Java files. On that same page, continue to Step 2 to view the “configuration room”. This will allow you to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio for class. Follow the instructions on the screen to run your audio setup wizard to test your audio. For the Wildlife Center’s purposes, you will not need a microphone or a webcam. We strongly recommend that you test this system prior to signing up for class.

While Blackboard Collaborate does work on mobile devices (with the appropriate app), not all features are available on mobile devices. We recommend using a standard computer for classes to ensure that you can take advantage of all features. Additional information on viewing Blackboard with a mobile device can be found at the Learning Center.

If you have additional questions about system requirements, or would like to learn more about Blackboard, please visit this page.

Once you register for an online class, a Wildlife Center staff member will email you a confirmation. On the day of class, we will email you the link that is associated with that particular class. We’ll also email a class manual, and a certificate of attendance.

How Can I Register?

Follow the links provided to complete a registration form for the class(es) that you would like to attend.  Pre-payment is required.  Please email outreach@wildlifecenter.org with any questions. 

Refunds for in-person classes are given if requests are received at least five days prior to in-person classes and at least two days prior for online classes.  No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the deadline or for no-shows.

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