September 2, 2010
8/1/2010 10-1696 Canada Goose Harrisonburg City flew into shed wall emaciated
8/1/2010 10-1697 Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
September 2, 2010
Species August 2010 Patients Admitted
Eastern Grey Squirrel 63
September 1, 2010
Just back from the printers ... the 2011 Garden of Eagles calendar! Garden of Eagles Front Cover 2011 Calendar Page small  
August 24, 2010
PATIENT:  Great Horned Owl, #08-0525 LOCATION:  Roanoke, Virginia INJURYEntangled in barbed wire fence; eye, tissue injuries
August 13, 2010
The Wildlife Center is in the process of revamping many of the outdoor enclosures that house raptors that are part of our education “team” – hawks and owls that are permanent residents of the Center and that travel with our staff to programs at schools, libraries, and county fairs across Virginia.