July 4, 2017

The veterinary staff have been monitoring Bald Eagle #17-0968’s injured wings. Both carpi remain swollen but appear to be healing gradually.

On July 3, the veterinary staff drew fluid from the carpus joints on both wings and will perform cytology; the tests will help determine if there is a bacterial infection causing the swelling that will require a course of antibiotics.

June 30, 2017

Earlier this week, Dr. Ernesto was able to set up a makeshift oxygen chamber for Black Bear yearling #17-1559, to assist with the bear's labored breathing. The bear has been a challenging patient to care for; the bear is large enough that the veterinary team needs to sedate the bear for any hands-on treatments, but injured enough that a number of regular treatments are needed.

June 29, 2017

A biologist at Shenandoah National Park reported that the Peregrine Falcon was successfully released at the hack site within the park on Wednesday, June 28. The bird was gradually released -- the cardboard transport box was partially opened, and the bird came out after about 30 minutes, and hopped around on the rocks. Within a few minutes, she flew around the hacksite in a big semi-circle, and then headed to a southern wooded ridge about three-quarters of a mile away.

June 29, 2017

On June 29, the last of the 2016 bears were darted and loaded for release!

The bears were less than cooperative for the veterinary team; one bear refused to shift into the transition area for easier darting, and had to be darted in the main bear yard. The bears that were in the transition area still managed to climb trees to evade the team for a period of time, but in the end, all were successfully and safely darted, anesthetized, examined, ear-tagged, and loaded into a VDGIF vehicle for transport to the release site.

June 29, 2017

On June 28, a hatch-year Bald Eagle with suspected avian pox was admitted to the Wildlife Center. The bird was found down on the ground in Fredericksburg and was easily caught by animal control; the bird was transported to the Wildlife Center that same afternoon.