February 20, 2017

After being transferred to outdoor enclosure C6 on February 10, animal care staff observed on the following morning that the wounds on Bald Eagle #17-0076’s wing tips had reopened. While this larger enclosure offered the eagle more space to move around, the bird was transferred to a smaller, outdoor transitional area on the same day to reduce the possibility of further harm related to excessive movement.

February 14, 2017

Black Bears #16-2564 [Double Yellow Tag]  and #17-0009 [Double Green Tag] have been doing well in the Center's Bear Pen during the past few weeks. The bears are eating consistently, gaining weight, and are ready to get into a larger space. On February 13, the rehabilitation staff set two large live traps in the Bear Pens, in hopes of quickly trapping the two bears (rather than darting them) in preparation for a move to the Bear Complex.  The bears have yet to fall for this trick, but when the bears are trapped, they'll be moved to the transition area of yard #2.

February 14, 2017

During the past two weeks, the rehabilitation staff have been making preparations to open the gate that connects Bear Yard 1 to Bear Yard 2. There were a few repairs that had to be made, including replacing the protective cap on the swimming pool (destroyed by the bears of 2015), and fixing an issue with the hot wire around yard 1. On February 13, rehabilitator Brie was able to get the last of the fixes in place, and she opened the connecting gate.

February 14, 2017

Fish Crow #16-2468 has continued to fly well during the past ten days. The bird's wing has healed and the patient is able to easily maneuver around its outdoor enclosure.

February 10, 2017

On February 10, Bald Eagle #17-0076 was transferred to outdoor enclosure C6. The skin and soft tissue injuries on the eagle’s wing tips have not shown much improvement during the few weeks of daily care it’s received, but Dr. Ernesto notes the injuries have not worsened. Otherwise, animal care staff report that the eagle is eating very well and seems to be alert and feisty.