Chase Community Giving

THE WILDLIFE CENTER NEEDS YOUR HELP. Each year the Wildlife Center of Virginia treats more than 2,000 wild animals.  Each year, we train vets from around the world.  Each year, we save lives ... and we help spread the message of how we humans can be better friends to wildlife and the environment. IMAGINE how much more we could do ... if we had $500,000 to improve our medical work and expand our reach. Imagine! But ... it's not just a dream.  The Wildlife Center CAN get $500,000 if we can have your help right now.   The Wildlife Center is competing for funds through the Chase Community Giving program.  With the help of our friends, we finished in the top 10 in Round I ... and we're now in Round II.  Through the Community Giving program, Chase will contribute a total of $2,500,000 -- with the top grant of $500,000.  The higher our vote total -- the larger the grant we receive from Chase! And we need your help.  Some simple steps you can take that could make a HUGE difference to the Wildlife Center. To help the Wildlife Center: 1. Go to Chase Community Giving's Facebook page [you must have a Facebook account to participate].  2. Click 'like' and allow access.  3.  Enter “Wildlife Center Virginia” in the 'find charities' search box.   4.  Click on "Wildlife Center of Virginia" in blue, then vote! 5.  And then ... pass the word along to YOUR Facebook friends. Voting starts on May 19 -- and the "polls" are open only until May 25.  In other words, we have less than a week to generate the votes we need. We need your help ... and here's what we would do if we win:  
  • Upgrade and expand the Center’s wildlife housing [indoor and outdoor] for patients and permanent residents;
  • Establish a web-cam network to share Center activities [eagle cam; bear-cub cam; veterinarians at work] with the public, teachers, and students;
  • Acquire new lifesaving medical equipment.
Please help the Center by voting ... and encourage others, particularly your Facebook friends, to participate! Click here to view Ed Clark and Buddy's 30-second video on the Chase Community campaign. Click here to see a special video on the Chase campaign for Center supporters. Please help .. and please help spread the word.  Remember, the higher our vote total -- the larger the grant from Chase!  

Photo courtesy of Jim Deal