Tracking Saltville Golden Eagle

On November 28, 2016, a juvenile male Golden Eagle was released at Big Walker Lookout in Wytheville, Virginia nearly three months after being admitted as a patient in late August 2016. Read more about the eagle’s history and rehabilitation here. Prior to release, the eagle was fitted with a GPS transmitter.

At the Center, the eagle was known as #16-1934 – the 1,934th patient admitted to the Center in 2016. Now, the eagle will be known as Saltville Golden Eagle. “Saltville” refers to the town of Saltville, Virginia, where the eagle was initially rescued.

March 14: Saltville Golden Eagle’s GPS tracking unit has continued to place him near the Max Meadows, Virginia area during the past few weeks. Starting directly above Brushy Mountain, he flew southwest along the area’s highest ridgelines for about 25 miles before returning on a similar route. After a brief visit to Carter Island on the New River, he returned to the valley where he’s been observed several times throughout the past month.

March 1: Unseasonably warm weather may be a factor in Saltville Golden Eagle’s long-distance flights during the past few weeks. This past week, the eagle’s first GPS tracking location was recorded near Griffith Knob in Wytheville, Virginia – less than two miles away from his initial release site at Big Walker Lookout! He flew southwest for about 35 miles until reaching Saltville, the town of his namesake, before turning northward and following the same ridgeline for almost 65 miles. His last-known position is a small valley just north of Brushy Mountain.

February 21: It’s been another week filled with a surprising amount of movement from Saltville Golden Eagle – he’s traveled more than 120 miles during the last seven days. Moving in a counterclockwise direction, he flew in a loosely circular pattern that started and ended near the same stretch of the New River near Carter Island.


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