Critter Cams

The Wildlife Center currently has Critter Cam cameras in fourteen different locations and is able to provide three live feeds. A moderated discussion is shared for all three channels.

A number of our cameras are down (including Buddy Cam, Bear Complex cams, and more) due to two recent power surges. We're working on diagnosing and repairing cameras/wires. Thanks for your patience!

Critter Cam 1

Critter Cam 2

Channel 1 features Buttercup the Black Vulture ... or Maggie the Peregrine Falcon. Click to watch Critter Cam 1 now! Join us for Hospital Cam on June 30!

Channel 2 features Black Bear cubs! Click to watch Critter Cam 2 now.

Critter Cam 3

Channel 3 features Great Horned Owl Papa G'Ho or Buttercup the Black Vulture.  


Mobile devices require a flash player app for cam viewing -- try Photon or Puffin!

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June 28, 2016

  • Dianne

    Thank you WCV for the privilege of watching the Critter cams.

  • cbin MA

    Best of Luck to Dr. Dana and Dr. Helen @ thanks to Amanda, Kurt @ all staff for all your caring.