Critter Cams

The Wildlife Center currently has Critter Cam cameras in fourteen different locations and is able to provide three live feeds. A moderated discussion is shared for all three channels.

Critter Cam 1

Critter Cam 2

Channel 1 features Buttercup the Black Vulture ... or Eastern Screech-Owls ... or Barred Owls.  Click to watch Critter Cam 1 now!

Channel 2 features Great Horned Owls ...  or Eastern Screech-Owls ... or Bald Eagles. Click to watch Critter Cam 2 now!

Critter Cam 3

Channel 3 features Buddy the Bald Eagle ... or patient Bald EaglesClick to see who's on channel 3 now!  

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October 1, 2014

  • Sue in Illinois

    Always remembering my Dusky Headed Conure, Heero, who I lost a year ago today. Miss u little buddy.