Critter Corner

June 22, 2017

Great Horned Owlets #17-0363, #17-0885, and #17-1135 are doing well; they are flying and eating consistently on their own.

June 22, 2017

On May 28, Bald Eagle #17-0968 was moved to a larger outdoor enclosure, allowing staff to better assess the bird's flight. Unfortunately, while housed in a larger pen, eagle #17-0968 injured his carpus (wrist) on each wing.

June 22, 2017

On Sunday, June 18, Center staff were startled to find that Bald Eagle #17-1454 had fractured its right humerus; Dr. Ernesto is unsure how this occurred since the eagle is housed in an airline crate and not able to fly or flap.

Eagle Tracking

The goal of the Center is “to treat to release” – to restore patients to health and return as many as possible to the wild.  In rare instances, the Center has the opportunity to track eagles after their release. Click here to follow these former eagle patients.

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