Critter Corner

October 21, 2014

On Friday, the rehabilitation staff were pleased to note that American Bittern #14-2257 was eating all of the live fish in its temporary “wetlands” in the Center’s aviary. The bittern was perching and hiding, and appeared to be behaving normally for a bittern.

October 21, 2014

Merlin #14-2254 went into respiratory distress on the morning of October 18 after it was removed from its enclosure for treatment and additional blood work. Dr.

October 20, 2014

Bald Eagle #14-2150 has been flying well during the past two weeks. The eagle is able to consistently fly the length of the flight pen an average of 16 times, and has strong flights and good stamina.

Eagle Tracking

The goal of the Center is “to treat to release” – to restore patients to health and return as many as possible to the wild.  In rare instances, the Center has the opportunity to track eagles after their release. Click here to follow these former eagle patients.

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