Archive Patients

NBG Bald Eagle NX

PATIENT: Bald Eagle, #11-0475 [NX] LOCATION OF RESCUE: Norfolk Botanical Garden, Norfolk, Virginia ADMISSION DATE: April 27, 2011

Ring-necked Snake

PATIENTNorthern Ring-necked Snake, #11-1749 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Waynesboro, Virginia CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Entrapment

King and Queen County Bald Eagle II

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1714 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  King and Queen County, Virginia CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Wing caught in netting ADMISSION DATE:  July 15, 2011


PATIENT:  Eastern Musk Turtle, #11-1219 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Waynesboro, VA CIRCUMSTANCES OF ADMISSION:  Fish hook in mouth ADMISSION DATE:  June 8, 2011

Hampton Bald Eagle

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1235 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Hampton, Virginia CONDITION:  Emaciated ADMISSION DATE:  June 9, 2011

Virginia Beach Bald Eagle

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1234 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Virginia Beach, Virginia  CAUSE OF ADMISSION:  Unable to fly

Maryland Eaglet

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-1170 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Fort Washington, MD  CIRCUMSTANCES OF ADMISSION:  Fell from nest ADMISSION DATE:  June 5, 2011

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Eastern Ratsnake

PATIENTEastern Ratsnake, #11-0644 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Stuarts Draft, VA CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Caught in screen door ADMISSION DATE:  May 10, 2011

Charles City County Bald Eagle

PATIENTBald Eagle, #11-0671 LOCATION OF RESCUE:  Charles City County, VA CIRCUMSTANCE OF ADMISSION:   Gunshot ADMISSION DATE:  May 11, 2011