Archive Patients

Black Bear cub #16-2564

On December 28, a hunter in Augusta County was driving near Stokesville, Virginia, and saw a small bear cub on the side of the road. The man called a VDGIF Conservation Police Officer to ask what to do; together they decided that since the bear could be easily captured, the cub should be contained and transported to the Wildlife Center.

Black Bear #16-2409

On November 8, a Black Bear yearling was seen by the side of the road in Madison County, Virginia. A Department of Game and Inland Fisheries biologist was able to capture the young bear and transported it to the Wildlife Center the following morning.

Black Bear #16-1713

At about 10:00 p.m. on July 27, Dr. Ernesto received a call on the after-hours emergency phone about a bear cub that had been hit by a vehicle in Crozet, Virginia. The cub had been crossing the road with her mother, who was hit and killed by a vehicle. The local animal control officer was planning on bringing the cub to the Wildlife Center, but unfortunately, three hours later Dr. Ernesto learned that the cub managed to evade capture and climbed a tree for the night.

Bald Eagle #17-0263

On March 21, an adult female Bald Eagle was found down in Virginia Beach (Fort Story) and was taken to Nature's Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation. Permitted wildlife rehabilitator Dana Lusher examined the eagle and noted a fracture at the tip of the bird's right wing; Dana wrapped the wing and made arrangements for transport to the Wildlife Center of Virginia that same day.

Canada Goose #17-0232

On March 13, an adult Canada Goose was rescued from the Charlottesville, VA area after a private citizen suspected it had a broken leg. The goose was transported to the Wildlife Center on the same day and was admitted as patient #17-0232.

Black Bear cub #16-1133

On June 12, a female Black Bear cub was admitted to the Wildlife Center from Shenandoah County. The cub had been seen by a homeowner for several days; when it appeared that the cub was without a sow, the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries trapped the cub.

Bald Eagle #17-0262

On March 21, an immature female Bald Eagle was found down in Virginia Beach. The bird was captured and taken to the Virginia Beach SPCA for treatment; a veterinarian at the SPCA found an open fracture of the bird's right wing. The wing was wrapped, the bird was given fluids and pain medications, and a transporter drove the eagle to the Wildlife Center that same day. 

Black Bear yearling #17-0291

On March 25, a female Black Bear yearling was admitted to the Wildlife Center from Augusta County. The bear had been seen in a tree for multiple days; she was very thin and weak, and did not appear to be leaving the area. A biologist from the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries responded to the scene and was able to catch and transport the bear.

Black Bear cub #16-2441

On November 15, a Black Bear sow was hit and killed by a car in Warren County, Virginia. A private citizen saw the sow's cub hanging around the area during the day and called animal control officials for help. The bear was able to be captured and admitted to the Wildlife Center later that same evening.

Black Bear cub #16-1874

On August 16, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries picked up a Black Bear cub wearing a dog collar in Floyd County, Virginia. The bear was extremely tame and readily approached people. Based on the bear's behavior, Black Bear Project Leader Jaime Sajecki suspects this cub was kept as an illegal pet for at least several months.