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2016 Year in Review: Elizabeth Brooks, Office Manager

In May, one of the Wildlife Center’s board members hosted a reception at his home in Northern Virginia. Amanda, Raina, Lacy, and I loaded up the van that Tuesday afternoon and headed north. When we do these events we sometimes whine about the travel, and the late nights, and having to smile the whole time. My three co-workers had already done one of these “Board-hosted” receptions, but this was my first.

2016 Year in Review: Linda McDaniel, Wildlife Rehabilitator

When I received a call from Kate in December of 2015 asking if I’d be interested in a front-desk coordinator substitute position in the New Year, I had no idea how my life was about to change! Of course, I said “Yes!”, having volunteered in animal care at the Wildlife Center since moving to the area late in 2013 and I was interested in being a part of the staff, even if in a very small way.

Courage and Compassion

When I came for a rehabilitation externship with the Wildlife Center of Virginia, I was excited about the focus on exotic species care, which strongly correlates with my desire to care for and heal animals while respecting their natural tendencies and importance to the environment. Ultimately, I accepted the externship due to my deference for that which is wild and a willingness to preserve it.


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