The Wildlife Center of Virginia is a hospital for native wildlife, teaching the world to care about and to care for wildlife and the environment

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WCV’s free online medical record system allows standardized information to be recorded on each patient and assists rehabilitators with patient management.

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December 19, 2014

Bald Eagle #14-2378 has remained weak and lethargic since admission, but she is able to stand on her own and is occasionally feisty when handled.

December 19, 2014

Bald Eagle #14-1955 has been cleared for release! Wildlife Center President Ed Clark will release the juvenile bird at Natural Chimneys Park in Mt.

December 17, 2014

On Thursday, December 18, DGIF biologist Jeff Cooper will come to the Center to fit Bald Eagle #14-1955 with a GPS transmitter.

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Looking for something extra special this holiday season?  How about a Caring for Critters sponsorship ... a "I Saved a Black Bear Cub's Life" shirt ... an eagle puppet ... or a Critter Cam Sponsorship? Check out our holiday shopping guide!

Caring for Critters Spotlight

Join us on the Critter Cam’s moderated discussion each day of the week through December 19. We’ll be focusing the spotlight on one of our 26 non-releasable animals for about 15 minutes each day. Join us, and learn more about these amazing ambassadors!

"Second Chances" book

"Second Chances" is a keepsake book that takes a look at just a few of the successful wildlife releases by the Wildlife Center of Virginia in 2013-2014. The deadline for ordering "Second Chances" is December 29 at 12:00 noon Eastern!

Bald Eagle Tracking

The Wildlife Center is currently tracking the post-release movements of three Bald Eagles.  See where the eagles are now!

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